HCI perspective : WALL-E

This is a story where the ground was deemed unfit for human habitation and the earth turned into a pile of garbage that can not be recycled due to technological advances so rapidly. Humans have been trying to find another planet to their residence. However, no such palnet the earth. They finally decided to create the space shuttle to their homes while since man made robot that was left on earth who was assigned to clean up trash in a manner pressed and named WALL-E.

Wall-E on earth have become extinct, but there is one that is still active and he has a friend in the form of small animals like cockroaches they are a loyal friend who always accompany Wall-E when running the task. One day there was a spaceship coming to earth to send a robot probe named EVE who served as a sign of whether the search for plants on earth there are signs of life again.

Eve and Wall-E meet and they go home that Wall-E Wall-E has a plant and then indicated to her that her new friend. Shortly Eve terkaget and enter the small plants into a robot body waiting for her death to be picked up again by the spacecraft. The plane was coming that Wall-E follows the plane and meningglakan earth because he fell in love with Eve.

The plane arrived aircraft carrier which was also derived from the earth is called Axiom. Wall-E plane was stunned that so many people who use such as wheelchairs but no wheels, wearing the same clothes, to communicate using a computer and time of day and night governed by a captain and pilot otimatis called Auto. The existence of the plant is good news for captains will however be set to Auto has melarng each captain to return to earth with the earth grounds can not be occupied.

The fight ensued between the Auto and a fierce captain where the captain received help from Wall-E and Eve will have a child but the Auto robots that also helped. Humans here are also struggling to stand and walk because they are spoiled by technology. Finally the battle was won by a captain with all the fight captain, Wall-E, Eve and all the rest of the plane and return to earth. However, Wall-E forgotten memories because he was tortured and tools ditubunya was totally destroyed and then replaced by spares earth with Eve and Wall-E can remember all returned.

HCI perspective :

Beginning of the story has not been showing the relationship between humans and computers, in mid-story, human is shown with the atmosphere associated with the computer. Can be said to be 100 percent human interactions do make computers. Computers that used highly sophisticated average, has been using the touch screen interface.

… not finished yet

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